Entity Wagering:  A New Investment Frontier

In 2015, Nevada passed SB 443 allowing businesses to wager at sportsbooks on behalf of clients.  Hi-Line brings the perspective of advanced portfolio optimization from an experienced investment professional to this new and exciting investment opportunity.


Hi-Line is a for-profit enterprise seeking to enhance client wealth by placing wagers at Las Vegas sportsbooks on combinations of opportunities deemed to have superior reward-to-risk characteristics.


Beau Noeske, CFA, Managing Director of Hi-Line, has served individual and institutional clients for more than 13 years across three industry-leading financial services firms in roles of portfolio management, tax optimization, and investment analysis.


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Returns are gross of tax and fee.  Investment returns are not insured by the FDIC and carry risk of loss.  Past returns cannot guarantee future results.  Contact us to learn more.

Hi-Line is a registered entity wagering business in the state of Nevada, owned and operated by an investment professional with over thirteen years of research, portfolio management, and consulting experience.  Our advantage is applying financial portfolio optimization to the sports betting market using a proprietary algorithm which performs tens of millions of computations each day to identify mispriced betting lines and form a portfolio of wagers maximizing reward-to-risk.  Our average seasonal return since beginning in 2010 is +56.81%. $10,000 invested with Hi-Line in 2010 would be $148,673 in 2016.†  


We only wager when the odds are favorable.  If betting lines are priced correctly, we don't bet.  It's that simple.    


Hi-Line Sports Investment Group, LLC in Las Vegas is an independently owned and operated entity wagering business which seeks to identify and capitalize on inefficiencies in Las Vegas sportsbook betting lines.  Hi-Line is not currently accepting new clients.